5 Incredible Tools to Grow Your Business

Running a business can be challenging sometimes.

New competitors emerge, good employees leave for a higher pay and position, negative friends and family members try to talk you out of big ideas.

And these are just external factors, sometimes you as a business owner drag yourself down with doubt and negative self-talk.

That’s why I would like to educate you on some tools that will make things a bit less difficult for you.

#1: Giphy Capture: Create GIFs from a video of your choice.

GIFs draw people’s attention. It’s highly recommended that you use GIFs in emails.

They make readers curious and make them want to read the whole email. A picture speaks a thousand words and a GIF speaks two thousand words.

You can use Giphy Capture to make a GIF out of any video or photos of your choice.

See the GIF above? Let’s see how I used https://giphy.com/apps/giphycapture to make it.

Upload the video of your choice. Please note that the video should be less than 100 MB in size. Choose the duration of the GIF image, 2 or 3 seconds is usually the best. Choose your preferred start time from the video

Make sure that when it comes to downloading, you choose the “social” option.

The best part about Giphy Capture is that it’s free and you can control what you want in the GIF by uploading your own video instead of downloading only what is available online.

#2: Snip.ly: Put your call-to-action on online articles

Snip.ly is an incredible tool to put your call-to-action on the articles that aren’t originally yours.

You can login to Snip.ly using Facebook, Twitter or Snip.ly account. Snip.ly will then guide you on how to add your call-to-action on an article.

After you follow the easy steps, you will get a Snip.ly link for the online article on which you want your call-to-action to be displayed.

Share that link to your social media or email list to make them click on a  call-to-action of your choice; be it booking a discovery call, opting in for a lead magnet or signing up for a service.

This tool is very useful if you’re too busy to write your own articles.

In the above image, YNOT Solutions have put their call-to-action on Entrepreneur.com’s article.

#3: Headline Analyzer: Analyze and optimize your headlines for maximum traffic

A headline is the first thing your customers are going to look at and decide whether your article, blog or email is even worth to read.

Newspaper and magazine companies spend a lot of time to come up with the perfect headline.

Learn from them, and come up with a headline that will intrigue the reader to click and read what you wrote.

Headline Analyzer by Coschedule is an incredible tool to analyze your headline.

Just visit https://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer and type your headline and click Analyze Now.

The above image shows a headline that reads Top 5 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make, and the image below shows its analysis.

So don’t be afraid of constructive criticism and use Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer to optimize your headline to get maximum traffic and results.

You can use the Headline Analyzer to analyse the headlines for your blogs, case studies, articles or email subject lines.

#4: Clear Bit: Find Leads

Well, you can use Clearbit for a lot of things. This one deserves a blog of its own.

But one of the features of Clearbit that can come in handy sometimes is that it allows you to find email addresses, Facebook and Linkedin profiles of almost any person working for any company.


There is a free version and a paid version. Find out more at https://clearbit.com/

#5: Fiverr: Outsource the other stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff, you already have too many big things going on as a business owner.

Also, you don’t have to do the things that you don’t really enjoy doing.

Delegate the small stuff to an experienced freelancer on Fiverr.

You can always find someone who can do a lead magnet design, logo creation, business card or brochure design and many more small but time-consuming things for you.

This saves you a lot of headache and energy which you can use for more important business operations.

Gigs usually cost between $10-$50 and delivery is done within a week in most cases.

Make sure you read the testimonials and examine the ratings of a Fiverr freelancer before you pay them. The freelancers with high ratings may charge a bit more, but you should rather be safe than sorry.

So these were the 5 incredible tools to grow your business.

I am sure you will use some or all of them soon.

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