This is How Lack of Consistency Kills Your Social Media

“Action open doors, consistency keeps them open” Rob Stanmore

As a business owner, you face a lot of challenges; trends change, new competitors enter the market, old employees quit and you have to hire new ones and the list goes on.

It’s understandable that there is a lot to look after which is why many business owners tend to neglect the social media side of the business.

The most common reasons you might give for not being consistent on social media are:

“I am too busy or too old for this”
“I don’t have a dedicated marketing team”
“I don’t think social media is that effective”

If your business is open five days a week, why don’t you update your social media posts five days a week too?

Lack of consistency can have an adverse effect on your social media in the following ways:

1. The algorithm doesn’t put you on the top of the list.

The more consistently you post, the better idea social media algorithm has about who views your content, who responds to it and who doesn’t like it.

Algorithm puts new content forward based on the posts you have liked or previously liked. If you post consistently, the algorithm will have a better idea of who to show your content organically.

In the screenshot above, you will notice that most video suggestions are related to social media.
The algorithm has tracked that the user is watching content related to social media, so it shows the user more of it.

If you’re not posting consistently, the algorithm will put your competitor’s updates, who posts consistently, on the top of the list and your customers will see their posts instead of yours. Sounds bad, doesn’t it?

That is why you need to be posting consistently.

“ You want to achieve as much organic response on your social media posts as possible and then go for paid advertisements.”

2. Lack of social proof makes customers uninterested.

The more you post, the more followers, post engagements and reviews you have.

“Having a 4.5-star review from 500 customers is better than having a 5-star review from 10 customers, who are probably your friends or family members.”

Also, not having a fan base of at least a 1000 loyal customers will most likely put your business in the generic category. If you strive to be better than average, you have got to get your social media sorted.

If you have a massive fan following on social media and your customers ask questions to you on your social media profiles, other customers and would-be customers are watching this.

You will be deemed as an “Industry Expert” and the “Problem Solver”. That’s what business is all about, isn’t it? You solve a customer’s problem and your customer pays you for it.

“To get reviews and fans, you have to be consistent.”

3. The message you want to communicate will be forgotten.

There is so much clutter these days, so many products, services, and advertisements. The most important thing you can have is your customer’s attention.

The number of times your customers are exposed to your message can have a significant impact on their purchase.

Suppose you run a consulting firm and you have a massive event coming. A couple of posts on Facebook or Twitter wouldn’t do much good. You should have a social media strategy to get as many people as you can to this event.

How disappointing and even embarrassing would it be if no one shows up? To avoid this, you have to be consistent with your company’s social media profiles and be on your customer’s mind.

“You might want to start building the excitement a month prior to the event with multiple posts which are strategically designed and posted at the time when your customers are most likely to see it.”

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4. Your customers wouldn’t have a chance to know you that well

According to Scott Martineau, the co-founder of Infusionsoft, it takes a customer at least 7 contacts with you before they are willing to do business with you.

You’re just another business owner trying to sell something unless you prove otherwise! And social media is an incredible platform to build personal relationships.

You don’t even have to post about your products or services. Even regular posts that provide some value in the form of information or humor will do the job.

The idea is to stay on your customer’s mind, for which, consistency is necessary. Once your potential customers are used to hearing your business’s name, they would be less sceptical about you.

“Being consistent with your social media is like running a marathon.The one who is consistent, wins.”

Social media can give you that competitive edge over other businesses who are not consistent with their social media.

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